Stichting White Cube
Schoolmeestersstraat 1
1502TV Zaandam
the Netherlands
t: 0031 (0)6 208 97 951
e: info(at)

Global Village Artists Network (s
tichting White Cube) is established on 25 February 2009. Stichting White Cube is a non-profit organisation and our aim is to promote contemporary art in the Netherlands and abroad.


Chairman: Jaap Borgers
Secretary: Teppo Korte
Treasury: Maïa Hemkes
Founder, director/curator: Jeroen van Paassen
Network-manager: Norbert Wille
Assistent: Albert van Loon
Assistent: Bea Peter
Our Committee of Recommendation
  • Dr. Phil. Richard Lang – former director Goethe Institut in Mexico, Nigeria and Sri Lanka
  • Mehreen Hashmi BFA (IVSAA) – Curator/Visual Artist/Educator
  • Natercia Chang – founder of Cold Bench, an on-line platform for students and emerging artists
  • Mari-Leena Kuosa – journalist


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