There will be a sequel to the exhibition 100% VROUW, which was shown in the Grand Church of Alkmaar in October 2019.

From October 1 – October 24 2021, an event with the overarching theme A SAFE PLACE will take place in Zaandam at several locations in the city. These locations are participating, each with their own program: PLAY room, De Fabriek, Genieloods, Regio College and Atelier van Santen.

The theme of the group-exhibition in PLAY room gallery will be “justice”. Because without justice there can’t be a safe place for all. Hence the image of Lady Justice that we want to give you as a starting point (see under this text). For this show the curators of PLAY room are: Marja van Putten and Astrid Moors.

The exhibition consists of works by in total 32 artists: 16 women and 16 men (incl. transgender). The 16 women will choose a male artist as a partner in this project. 16 Couples will present there art during this exhibition, like 16 duo-presentations. We are mainly looking for women who work with 3D, video or installation. If you are interested, please send an email and we will send you the entire concept. Based on this whole concept, you send us a proposal so we can make a good choice.

Reply via and you will receive more information.


Lucas Cranach the Elder – Lady Justice